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Boleslaw Wasilewski


My father - Boleslaw Wasilewski

(born on March 25, 1918 - died on March 24, 1991), was the youngest son of Jozef and Stefania Wasilewski. He was born in Franciszków, Raków commune, Mołodeczno poviat, Vilnius region.

In August 1939. my father volunteered for the army. He was drafted into the 13 Battalion Border Protection Corps.

He took part in the September campaign 1939r. He was a Home Army soldier, alias "Heather" and "The Rydz", 10 Brygada "Gustawa" near Oszmiany, a Grouping 3, commander major "Jerema".
He was once in German captivity and twice in Russian captivity. Each time he fled from the prisoner of war camp.
In July 1944, he took part in the fighting for Vilnius, as a soldier of the XIII Brigade of the Vilnius Army "Bats" (action "Storm", operation "Sharp Gate").

After the liberation of Vilnius on July 18, 1944, in the Rudnicka Forest area, the XIII Brigade of the Home Army was disarmed by units of the Red Army and all soldiers of the Brigade were imprisoned in Miedniki, and then, after refusing to take an oath to loyalty to the Red Army, he was taken away with other disobedient to the camp in Kaluga near Moscow. My father escaped from this prisoner of war camp.
After returning to Poland, he settled in Krzyż Wielkopolski, where in February 1953 he married Irena Siara. Until 1977 he worked professionally, and after retiring he continued to be socially active. He was a member of the World Union of Soldiers of the Home Army.

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