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Unfortunately, I don't know exactly where my family's roots go, but I decided to recreate them as much as I can. Well - when my loved ones were living - an invaluable source of knowledge about the family and her ancestors - I thought that they would live forever and at the time I was not interested in the history of my family. Now that they are gone, I would like to gather together what I know and remember from the stories of my father Boleslaw and his eldest brother Wincenty.

My grandmother Stefania Wasilewski (family surname: Kuczynski) was born on December 10, 1885
(she died on December 27, 1956) - in the picture next - he is sitting next to his brother Franciszek Kuczynski (he was born on August 15, 1892 - died on November 9, 1965). Her husband and my grandfather's name was Jozef.

Unfortunately, I do not know when and where he was born. He died in 1920 or 1921 (I don't know exactly) and left my grandmother with three sons. Her brother Franciszek helped her in their sons upbringing.
On the photo on the right is my father - Boleslaw (born: March 25, 1918 - died: March 24, 1991), On the left his oldest brother Wincenty (born: May 15, 1911 - died: May 3, 2001) .
The third of the brothers, Jozef, will probably die during the pushing of the Elbe during World War II in 1945.
I wrote - probably - because no one knows how it really was.
I know that after the war my father was looking for information about his brother, but the trail stopped and I know that he was considered missing.

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