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Wasilewski family name


If you want to find out a little about our family name and its origin.
Please read the following text carefully.

                        Wasilewscy - Noble family:
Herb Drzewica roots originate from Wołkowski, province Grodno, GPL
Herb Ostoja roots originate from Wołkowski, province Grodno, GPL

              Relations between Noble families:
- Family crest Ostoja, roots from Wolski, Vitebsk and Polockie lands
- Family crest Ostoja odm, a branch of the Ostoja crest
- Family crest Ostoja odm, also known as Orszanska or with pigeons
- Family crest Rogal, roots from the Zmudzka province
- Family crest Sorokomla's extinct in the 16th century
- Own crest, or Andruszeski or Andruszewski - Wasilewski, or Czechowicz
These three families are to seal with this Crest,
Blood relationship Czeczowicz
Title Count Wasieliewski
Baron's title, through from Austria
- Family crest Ossorya, roots mainly in Krakow, Lublin, Sieradz Land and Sandomierz Land,
Act of the Horodelska Union. This crest was moved to GPL by Mikołaj of Korabiewice,
was adopted by Lithuanian Bojar (Twerbut) - from him is beginning the family  Wasilewski - Family crest Osoryja.
Until then, the descendants of this family could not be obtained, although this Family  was not recorded as extinct.

According to historical accounts, the Wasilewski family comes from the WKL.
The first mentions come from the times of the Polish King Władysław Jagiełło.
There was a huge migration after 1772. - The first partition of Poland - from Smolensk, Witebsk and Orsza areas.
In the years 1800, 1836 and 1850, after the November and January uprisings, displaced and disinherited many families from their ancestral places.

If you have a desire to look for your ancestors, do it now while the oldest live in your families.
Every detail is important, which can lead you to the trail of further exploration. Of course, not everyone can help, a lot depends on your commitment and the good memory of your loved ones. Do not make my mistake, ask about everything they remember from the history of their families, ask the oldest in your family.
They are an invaluable source of knowledge !!!

I hope that together we will lead to saving white spots in the history of our family.
I wish for you it !!

Wieslaw Józef Wasilewski

*GPL - The Grand Princedom of Lithuania                            

              You have a question, write to me: wasilewski

Copyright 2000-2019 - Wieslaw Jozef Wasilewski
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