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Law, different rules and maxims

Laws, rules and maxims

Murphy's Basic Law:
If something can go wrong - it will not work for sure.
Never argue with a fool - people may not notice the difference.
If you think that it is going well - you certainly do not know everything.
Difficult problems left alone will become even more difficult.
If you have perfected something long enough - you will surely ruin it.
The second queue is always faster.
All that is good is illegal, immoral or causes weight gain.
It is impossible to build a reliable device - fools are too clever.
The light in the tunnel - these are the headlights of an oncoming train.
You find what you are looking for in the last possible place.
The conclusion is the point where you no longer have the strength to think further.
To get a loan, you first have to prove that you do not need it.
Murphy's golden rule:
The rules are defined by whoever has gold.

Robertson's rule:
A diplomat is someone who tells you to go to hell, and you enjoy the journey.

Gumperson's law:
The probability of each event is inversely proportional to the degree to which it is desired.

Wyler's law:
There is nothing impossible for someone who does not have to do them alone.

Cheops's law:
Nothing has ever been built according to plan and within budget.

Balani's law:
How long a minute last depends on which side of the toilet door you are on.

Lieberman's law:
In order to estimate the time needed to perform a task, the expected time should be multiplied by two and the unit should be taken by a higher order.

Green's Law:
Everything is possible, provided you do not know what you're talking about.

Maxim Manly:
Logic is an absolutely sure way to reach uncertain conclusions.

Sattinger's law:
Each device will work better if you put the plug into the socket.

Fett's law:
Never repeat a successful experience.

Tsara rule:
With ten priority matters, one will certainly be the first to be done.

Main dilemma:
The optimist believes that we live in the best of worlds. The pessimist is afraid that this may be true.

Murphy's Laws:
It will not even work if you really should not go wrong. Everything collapses at once.

Mathematical proof of Murphy's Law:
The correct mathematical formula of Murphy's Law in the field of computer data processing is: 1 + 1 = 2 where "=" is a symbol that means "sometimes, if at all".

The philosophical foundations of Murphy's law:
1. Artificial intelligence is better than natural stupidity.
2. If you do someone a favor, you are permanently responsible for it.
3. Ambiguity is unchanged.
4. The abbreviation is the longest path between the two points.
5. Four phenomena block the progress of humanity: ignorance, stupidity, standardization committees and people selling computers.
6. There are three types of lies: reflexive, common and computer tests.

Eight Rights of an Honorable Customer:
1. The customer will never come to mind how much the project costs, only how much you can save on this project ..
2. If you managed to enter in the program, the patches required by the client, then he will resign from them.
3. No customer knows what he wants ...
4. Every client knows exactly what he does not want ..
5. No customer wants what you already have ready ..
6. He also does not know what he would like to have instead ...
7. The customer who pays the least, reports the most problems.
8. The customer requests more changes exactly when the product is ready.

The computer is used to facilitate the work that you would not have without it.

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